Why kids crazy about “Luv KushhThe Serpent King”?  Read these before watching on Aha movies
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Why kids crazy about “Luv KushhThe Serpent King”?  Read these before watching on Aha movies

Various OTT platforms came online and had lots of popular movies and masterpieces from all languages. Aha movies are something new among all OTTs. It came with exclusive Telugu content. It’s having lots of popular Telugu movies and masterpieces, which should not be missed in a lifetime. The aha video recently brought several mythological animated fiction movies like, ChhotaBheem series, etc. ‘Luv KushhThe Serpent King’ is also available in Aha movies, which kids crazy about this movie. Let’s see why the children attracted about this movie, story, and highlights of the film.


‘Luv Kushh, The Serpent King’ is a mythological animated fiction film, which made based on a little part of Indian ancient Ramayana.

We know about Luv and Kushh in Ramayana and their characterizations, which have moralities and ethics, adventures, and battles. The movie released on 25th May 2020 and gained a fantastic response from the children.


Mythological animated fiction attracts the children most.

The epic series ChhotaBheem gain a tremendous response from kids. There are many advantages to show mythological fiction to children.

The mythological fictions are having lots of elements, which kids can learn from those like ‘what’s right and what’s wrong’, ‘moralities and ethics’, ‘importance of teamwork’, etc. The fictional animated movies can improve children’s knowledge and provide massive entertainment to the children. So, arrange to show mythological animated fiction to the children.



Direction: Rajiv Chilaka

Production Company: Rajiv Chilaka on Green Gold Animations banner

Music: Sunil Kaushik

Run time: 60 minutes

Release Date: 25th May 2020



The story plot of the movie is based on a little bit part of Indian ancient history, Ramayana. We know about Luv and Kushh, who were the twin children of Lord Rama. The ace director of animated mythological fictions Rajiv Chilaka directed the movie and made it another biggest super hit in his career. The movie revolves around the values good on evil power. Twin children of Lord Ram and Sita ensure that they don’t let Sarp Raj have the mystical mantra of intensity as its privileges are exclusively saved with Vaanar Raj.


Reasons why children should watch and Highlights film ‘Luv KushhThe Serpent King’:

The film is having adventures, battles, fantasy, magic, much more, which kids enjoy more. The film also taught that unity and how the good spirit always wins evil spirit and self-confidence, which kids need to learn.

The director handled the script very well.

He knows how to do the animated mythological fiction. The movie will depict the skills of the director once again. He utilized all the characters and managed them in the storyline brilliantly.

The movie’s major highlights are how Luv and Kushh rescue VaanarRaj’s supernatural power from Sarp Raj. The director showed this very interestingly. This line includes adventures and battles, magic, etc.

Sunil Kaushik’s music is tremendous, and it elevated the scenes of adventures and battles to the next level.Click here to watch kids movies online.

Finally:  ‘Luv Kushh The Serpent King’ is a must watchable movie for kids.